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Scholarship Program



Course Fee $14,900

Scholarship Award -$4,900*

Total Course Fee $10,000



Course Fee $8,276

Scholarship Award -$1,500*

Total Course Fee $6,776

As part of our dedication to delivering World Class training to our students, the Academy of Makeup is proud to offer a Scholarship Program. Under this exciting program, a select few, aspiring Makeup Artists will have the opportunity to get their career off to an impactful start!

The Academy of Makeup Scholarship Program is designed to discover emerging Makeup Artists and help them break their way into the Makeup Industry. The objective of the scholarship is to strengthen educational outcomes for students both in terms of skills development and preparation for employment, to improve equity access and address acute disadvantages that some students face in accessing vocational education. In addition, the scholarship acts to recognize those students with great, potential talent.

To assist Scholarship students to invest in their careers, tools and equipment, the program is offered with a reduced course fee. Our scholarship students will also have the opportunity to participate in additional extra curricular activities, such as creating content for our social media platforms, curating memorable experiences for future students at our Campus Open Days, leading the forefront at Industry Expo events, along with many other perks and insights into this amazing industry.

* Please note that the program is offered at the Academy’s discretion, taking into consideration student needs and outcomes. The following options are all possible – the program may not be offered every year; the value may vary from year to year; the number of available positions may vary from year to year; the conditions for application may vary. The availability of the program is usually (but not always) announced mid year.

For more information, eligibility requirements, or to apply for your Scholarship award, please call us on 03 8585 3700, or email us at