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Congratulations! You just made a big step forward in starting your makeup artistry career! 

With 20 years’ experience in teaching Makeup Artistry in Australia, we are Australia’s most trusted and reliable school for artistry training.

Our unique curriculum has helped 1000’s of Australia’s Makeup Artists launch their careers.

Positions in our 2021 January Diploma of Screen & Media are already filling fast.  So, what are we waiting for - let’s get you started!

Heres a sneak peak at our Diploma Student Video Portfolio!!

We are so proud to share our amazing Diploma Students showcasing their favourite makeup looks since commencing their Diplomas with the Academy of Makeup! 

These students are actually still studying their Diploma (some students are only 3 months into their studies with us!) and their talent, artistry and passion are proving that we really are training the next generation of leading Australian Makeup Artists! 

AOM TV is like having a front row seat in our makeup classes!  It’s designed to provide an added level of learning for our students, to really boost and develop their skills to the very highest level. 

With over 120 amazing makeup demonstrations, the AOM TV video library is continually growing.

We film AOM TV in crystal clear, 4K, ultra Hi-Definition, so you get to see everything just perfectly. Our training team presents each makeup technique in a clear and easy to understand way, just like it is in class.

AOM TV does not replace our face-to-face classroom teaching.  It is considered a supplement to it, and is most certainly a huge advantage to our students, allowing them unlimited viewing any time they want.  

Remember, practice makes perfect!  AOM TV helps our students to perfect their practice sessions wherever they are, and at any time they want.

We encourage all our students to view a session on AOM TV before coming into class.  This prepares them for that particular day’s is class, allowing them to arrive pre-prepared, armed with the knowledge needed to get a head start on that day’s technique.

There are so many other ways to use AOM TV – say you’re away and need to catch up on a class. Or, say you have an assessment coming up and want a recap. Just tune into AOM TV, and it’s all right there for you.

The Academy of Makeup is the first and only makeup school in Australia offering this high standard of Tri-Level learning – face-to-face, live streaming and pre-recorded videos. 

Best of all, AOM TV is free to all our students while they are studying with us.  Why not be the very best you can be – live your dream to become a Makeup Artist with the AOM.

Diploma of Screen and Media (specialist makeup services) CUA51015

The Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Makeup Services) is a Nationally recognised qualification that offers a range of speciality subjects that can help you become a film and TV Makeup and hair Artist. In 2020, the Academy of Makeup celebrated our 21st year of developing and training the next generation of leading and creative Makeup Artists.

Certificate in Fashion, Glamour & Bridal Makeup

The Certificate in Fashion, Glamour & Bridal Makeup course is a great step into the world of Makeup Artistry for the fashion and beauty industry. It's designed to provide you with a thorough overview of the industry and the skills to begin working as a freelance makeup artist, either for yourself, or in a retail environment.

Certificate in Airbrush Makeup Artistry

In collaboration with Temptu Australia, we're proud to bring you this TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup course. Airbrush is the future of makeup and it has become the “must-have” makeup skill for all Australian makeup artists, whether they are working in bridal, TV, beauty, or SPFX.