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Deferment Policy

Once classes have started, the course fee is non-refundable. You may apply to defer into the next scheduled equivalent course. However, there is no automatic right for any student to defer their course. Furthermore, some types of student may not be permitted to defer.

To defer students must put their request to defer in writing and submit this to the Academy.

On receipt of this request, the student will be provided with a deferral application form to complete & supporting evidence will be required for your deferral to be considered. Verbal requests to defer will not be considered by the Academy. The Academy reserves full and complete discretion to allow a student to defer and is under no obligation to allow a student to defer. The student’s change of mind is not a valid reason to defer.

 If the Academy approves the application to defer, the student may defer in to the next intake, provided that: a) there are vacancies in that class two weeks before the class starts; and b) the student agrees to pay any difference in the cost of the course in which they were enrolled and the cost of the course into which they are deferring. Any difference/increase in fees must be paid before the student starts in the new class. If the class into which the student defers has started, it is the student’s responsibility to catch up on any missed classes (refer to the Academy Missed Class Policy) and the Academy is under no obligation to provide tuition in missed classes. If the Academy does not approve an application to defer the course fee remains non-refundable.

 The Academy will provide the student with a written response to the application to defer within 10 days of receipt of the application. Consideration will be given to the reasons the student wants to defer and the student’s performance in class to date. Trivial or insufficiently serious reasons or poor class performance may adversely affect a successful application. Until the request for deferment has been either approved or rejected, the student is still liable to continue making any payments due in relation to their course (for example, payment plan fees or deposits/payments for equipment ordered by or on behalf of the student).

 If an application to defer is approved, the student will be issued with a new enrolment form, which must be completed and returned to the Academy of Makeup within 10 days of the date of the Academy’s written approval letter (referred to above). Failure to return the new enrolment form within this time or at all may result in the revocation of the Academy’s approval to defer.

 Despite anything in the above section on deferment, once a student has enrolled in a course, the Academy of Makeup cannot allow them to defer commencement of their studies, or suspend their studies, except on the grounds of illness, evidenced by a doctor’s certificate, Statutory Declaration and or other exceptional compassionate circumstances beyond the control of the student, for example bereavement.

 In the case of a student that has yet to commence their studies, any request to defer must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the commencement of the course. If a student fails to do this, the Academy is under no obligation to approve such request and the student will lose the opportunity to defer and any fees paid will be forfeited.

VET Student loans students must refer to the Deferment Policy in the VET Student Loans section of this website.