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Master the Art of SPFX Makeup with a Diploma in Screen & Media Makeup

Posted on October 23 2023

Discover the Artistry: What Special Effects Makeup Encompasses

Embark on a transformative journey with special effects makeup—an artistic sanctuary where cosmetology, sculpture, and painting coalesce to breathe life into the fantastical, the eerie, and the downright magnificent. The mastery of this craft propels you into the enthralling realms of film, television, and live performances, providing you with the tools to mesmerise audiences with your creations.

Within our Diploma of Screen & Media (Makeup) course, you will find our SPFX Course, comprising of 10 amazing classes.


Equip Yourself with the Best: The Must-Have Tools

At the Academy of Makeup, we believe that a masterful artist is only as good as their toolkit.

Your Student SPFX Kit will contain an array of amazing products, specially selected for use in your Diploma course:

  • Prosthetic Appliances: Transform appearances with latex pieces or extensions.
  • Latex and Gelatin: Craft textures akin to the human skin.
  • Paints and Pigments: Infuse life into prosthetics with our exclusive range of skin-safe paints.
  • Adhesives: Rely on our top-grade adhesives for seamless performances.
  • Sculpting Tools: Mold your visions into reality with sculpting instruments.


Unlock Your Potential: Skills and Techniques at Your Fingertips

At the Academy of Makeup, we are committed to bringing out the skills within you, essential for mastering this fascinating craft. 

You’ll learn:

  • Sculpting: Learn the art of sculpting prosthetics to perfection.
  • Painting: Master the brushstrokes that breathe life into your creations.
  • Application: Delve into the intricacies of flawless prosthetic application.
  • Creativity: Unleash your imaginative prowess to conceptualise and execute ground breaking designs.


Learn from the Best: Our Trailblazing Curriculum

In conjunction with renowned PRO Artist, Liz Sharp, our Academy has meticulously crafted a curriculum that takes you through the enthralling journey of special effects makeup:

  • Conceptualization: Envision and crystallize your artistic aspirations.
  • Design: Bring your vision to paper or digital canvases.
  • Sculpting: Shape and mold your unique prosthetic designs.
  • Painting: Master the art of giving life to your creations.
  • Application: Perfect the application process for a seamless integration with natural skin.
  • Final Touches: Add the finishing touches to your masterpiece.


Walk in the Footsteps of Legends

As well as Liz Sharp, our SPFX specialist trainers include highly skilled PRO Artists, with names such as Dick Smith, Tom Savini, and Rick Bake as their inspiration. At the Academy of Makeup, you will learn from the experts who have redefined the world of special effects makeup.


Be a Part of the Future: Enrol for 2024!

The realm of special effects makeup is experiencing a revolutionary era marked by digital makeup, AR, VR and 3D printing.

By enrolling in the Academy of Makeup for 2024, you are not just learning a craft; you are positioning yourself at the forefront of an industry poised for ground breaking evolution. Our Campuses and

Training Team, combined with a curriculum that is in sync with the industry's pulse, make the Academy of Makeup your ideal launchpad for a triumphant career in special effects makeup.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your mark in the vibrant world of entertainment. Your journey towards becoming a renowned special effects makeup artist begins here, at the Academy of Makeup.