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Makeup Monthly

May 2021


  • 13 of our students in Sydney took part in Miss Runway Super Model Australia (@missrunwaysupermodelau). Students completed a range of hair and makeup behind the scenes and live on stage. A big thank you to Zoe Gregg for overseeing this work experience and showing great leadership skills. A special thank you to Stephanie Owen who was the Academy of Makeup spokesperson on the evening and did a live interview with Behind The Lens.


  • Exciting opportunities ahead for our diploma students in Sydney at Afterpay Australia Fashion Week. Students will be taking part in two shows:
    Christian Kimber on Tuesday 1st of June (@christian_kimber)
    Yousef Akbar on Wednesday 2nd of June (@yousefakbaroffcial)




Robyn Gobson (May)


For the dedication and hard work that I have seen, Robyn has taken on every work experience that I have offered to the class, looking after team mates with lifts to and from the work experience to train stations to make sure they are all going to get home safely. First to arrive everyday and the last to leave. Massive growth as well in the last month. Well done Robyn for your hard work and dedication to our craft.

Alana Jones (Mar/Apr)

Alana puts 100% effort and is always first to put her hand up for every work experience opportunity. Alana has a positive energy that is great to be around . She’s a talented makeup student who is always striving to practice and be the best artist she can be.

Zoe Gregg (May)


Zoe is one of our younger students but showed great maturity taking on a massive work experience with Runway Super model Australian. This was a big undertaking with months of preparation and big responsibilities. Zoe rose to the challenge, leading a group of 10 HMUA on the day. Well done Zoe.

Stephanie Owen (Mar/Apr)


Steph has a great attitude toward learning and improving her hair and makeup skills. Her attendance is fantastic as well as putting a lot of effort into her written work, often being the last student to leave when given the opportunity to work on assignments in class. She’s not afraid to ask for feedback or guidance and showed great initiative & leadership skills during Mardi Gras when put in charge of work experience. Keep up the great work!

Sarah Duffy (May)


Sarah has very strong work ethic, commitment, dedication, and great class attendance. She's also very talented.

Katelyn Casey (Mar/Apr)


She has very strong attendance - almost 100 percent attendance for every class. Willing to learn more even after class, not afraid to ask questions and get more knowledge.