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Academy of Makeup

Pro Studio Kit

$550.00 AUD

This kit has been created by makeup artists, especially for new students, who need a stable and reliable starter makeup kit. You will add to your kit as you advance in your studies, but the Pro Studio Kit has everything you need now for all fundamental makeup applications. Most importantly, it was also designed to be affordable.

The kit contains 

- 8 x Base Perfect Liquid Foundation

- 1 x First Base Foundation Primer 

- 4 x Powder Perfect Pressed Powder

- 1 x Concealer wheel 

- 1 x 8 pan palette (Contour/high-light/blush/eyeshadow) 

- 1 x Mascara 

- 1 x Black Eye Pencil 

- 3 x Lipsticks 

- 1 x Lip Pencil 

- 2 Pairs of False Lashes  

Total RRP $996

Student Price $550

Due to the occasional unavailability of some items, Kit/set contents or prices may change at any time and no refunds/returns are applicable.