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Special Effects All-Pro Kit

$299.00 AUD

The Special Effects All-Pro Kit contains all the essential items you need to get stared in Special Effects Makeup. Create wounds, scars, bruises, burns and basic characters with HUB Makeup's best FX sellers, all packaged at a discounted price. This kit is perfect for students, FX beginners and general lovers of blood and gore! The SPFX Kit is optional for students, however it is recommended for Diploma students. This Kit can be used to practice with at home and on Work Experience jobs.


• Bald Cap 

• 2 x Foam Latex appliances (styles may vary) 

• 30ml Squirt Blood 

• 8 Color Palette Includes: 3 Mask Covers & 5 Color Cup Colors 

• 133ml Liquid Latex Clear 

• 30ml Squirt Blood 

• Large Powder Puff 

• 60ml 3D Clear Gel 

• Stage Blood 

• 15ml Coagulated Blood 

• 30ml Barrier Spray 

• Crepe Hair 

• 3 Full Size Stageline Makeup Brushes 

• Colorset Powder 

• 30ml Makeup Remover Lotion 

• 30ml Brush Cleaner 

• 30ml Spirit Gum Remover 

• Spirit Gum 

• Tooth FX Blood Red 

• Tooth FX Nicotine 

• Rigid Collodion 

• Fixative A 

• 30ml Hair White 

• Modeling Putty/Wax 

• Extra Flesh 

• Bruise ColorRing 

• Stipple Sponge 

• Non Latex Sponge 

• Cotton Swabs 

• 2 Prosthetic Bullet Holes 

• 1 Prosthetic Wound 

• Application Guide - Special Effects

Student price $299.00 AUD  (GST inclusive)  

Value cost price $343.20.90

Please note that the Bruise product is interchangable by our warehouse.
Your kit may come with any one of the following bruise products.
Mehron Bruise palette - BN (EW-41) Bruise & Abrasions Wheel - BN ( CK-1) Bruises Wheel - BN ( CK-3 ) Cuts and Bruises Wheel. All 4 items have the bruise colours needed for class.    

Due to the occasional unavailability of some items, Kit/set contents or prices may change at any time and no refunds/returns are applicable.