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Gorgeous Cosmetics

Upgrade Brush Set

$155.00 AUD $283.00 AUD

For truly amazing makeup results, professional brushes are a must.

Gorgeous Cosmetics offers a range of professional makeup brushes, perfect for students and Artists, which are available individually or in sets. Each brush is made from the finest quality natural and synthetic hair fibres, and features durable, cream wooden handles to establish elite control.

The '10-Piece Brush Collection' is a compact set, which houses 10 of the best makeup brushes to cover all your needs. Can be used for professional and personal use.

With the essential 13-Piece Brush Roll Set you already have, upgrade and make it '23-Piece Pro Artist Brush Collection' which is recommended for students undertaking a Certificate IV or Diploma qualification.

We have discounted this set from $283.00 to $155.00 for all Academy of Makeup students.

Invest in your career with the absolute best brushes available!

*Please note that while we use our best endeavors to ensure all brushes pictured are included, from time to time some styles may vary based on availability.